BSAC and Channel 4 have held a lunch to celebrate and encourage the success of women in the audiovisual industries.

A number of BSAC Members and talented women from across film, television, games and the digital audiovisual sector have participated in a discussion, introduced by Karen Blackett (Chairwoman, Mediacom), over strategies and opportunities for encouraging female success in the screen based industries, especially at the higher levels.

BSAC will remain active in this area and will now be considering how to take forward some of the ideas discussed.

Details of participants and their biographies can be downloaded here.


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Upcoming Event

May 2018 Council Meeting

BSAC’s May Council Meeting will consider the latest business and policy developments for the Audiovisual Industry. Items on the agenda will include:

  • thoughts on managing a UK PSB within a US media empire, from James Currell (Managing Director of Viacom International Media Networks, UK, Northern and Eastern Europe);
  • private conversation with Col Needham (founder and MD of IMDB); and
  • a speaker from the BFI, about their review of UK Independent Film.
Council Meetings are private events for BSAC...

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